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April delafuente

El Paso Motherhood Photographer

Before I became a mother, I wasn’t fond of capturing motherhood. Heck I stayed far away from being called an El Paso motherhood photographer. Three kids later… I love capturing motherhood.

I thought we were going to get rained on. Instead, we got hit with a windstorm Typically we don’t get rain but it is monsoon season in El Paso. You never know what you are going to get.

Look how cute these boys are!!
This is when the wind started to pick up but honestly these are some of my favorite images.
I just love the movement in these photos.

If you asked El Pasoans what they don’t like about El Paso, I’m sure the answer would be the wind storms. Not me. I enjoy them during these sessions. They give so much movement to them.

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El Paso Motherhood Photographer

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