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HALO® SleepSack® Easy Transition | Motherhood | El Paso Photographer

I nursed Max before our mini photo session so he would be happy during the shoot… well it backfired. As soon as I set him down, he started dozing and passed out. Last time I checked in, he was using Halo SleepSack Self-Soothing Swaddle. He was in the process of learning how to roll over. Since then, he’s only rolled over once. His little left arm gets stuck under his body and he gets so frustrated. It’s the cutest thing you’ll see.

Since he has been trying to roll over, he doesn’t want to be swaddled anymore. He kicks and fusses until you take it off. It was time to transition to the Halo SleepSack Easy Transition.

Here is where I caught him dozing off. It only last a minute before he passed out.

  • Ensures an easy transition from swaddle to wearable blanket.
  • Helps reduce the startle reflex.
  • Since baby’s arms are free, it’s safe to use if baby is rolling.

  • Unique sleeve design helps reduce startle reflex without overheating.
  • Breathable 100% cotton 4-way stretch for snug, comforting fit.
  • 2-way zipper for easy dressing and diaper changes.
  • “Back is Best®” reminds all caregivers to put baby to sleep on their back.
  • Snug upper body allows for easier post-swaddle transition.
  • Roomy sack design for continued healthy hip development.

It was such an easy transition and this guy didn’t mind at all. It’s warm and cozy. Diaper changes are a breeze in the middle of the night. It comes in two sizes, small and medium. We definitely recommend it!

Sponsored by HaloSleep. All opinions are my own.

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HALO® SleepSack® Easy Transition | Motherhood | El Paso Photographer

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