Erica & Rick | Chico’s Tacos Engagement | Franklin Mountains | El Paso Engagement & Wedding Photographer

Erica and Rick had their first date at Chico’s Tacos. When she asked if I thought it was weird to incorporate it, I was like, NOPE! Lets do it! KLAQ and KISS FM did an article about them, Couple Uses Iconic El Paso Treat in Engagement Shoot.

If you don’t know what Chico’s Tacos is, its a local restaurant  in El Paso, Texas. Either you love it or you hate it. They are known for their rolled tacos that swims in tomato sauce/soup and its topped with shredded cheese. They also have other items such as hamburgers, hotdogs,  grilled cheese sandwiches and fries. Chico’s Tacos is an El Paso thing.

Guys, these two were troopers. IT. WAS. COLD. These pictures were taken a 2-3 days after it snowed and it was so windy on Transmountain. I had a couple layers and a scarf and I was freezing. I can only imagine how Erica felt but they rocked it!

They snuggled, joked, and laughed while we waited for Chico’s to be delivered.

  1. I fell in love with your photography 🙂

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