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Show Me Your You Cards | El Paso Wedding & Portrait Photographer

I bought these amazing cards to up my photography game and let me tell you.. IT DID NOT DISAPPOINT.  I love doing some posed photos but I also love candid images. Honestly, I was stuck in a rut when I had my sessions. My go to was, “Look at the camera, and pretend to laugh!”  but it wasn’t real. Sometimes, it looked forced.  After doing some research, I came across Show Me Your You.  They have prompts/games for individuals, couples, and families. You have the option to purchase the deck or PDF files. They also offer expansion packs. The expansion pack has couples, families with kids 3+, and families with kids under 3. You can purchase the whole bundle like I did. I got the deck and PDF files.

The night before the shoot, I choose 6-7 cards that I would like to use for the session. I usually don’t use all of the cards I picked out. I carry the deck of cards in my camera bag in case the session doesn’t go as planned or if I need new prompt but that hasn’t happened yet. Here of some images that I used the cards:

This first image was before I used the card “Beautiful”. I really meant it. She is beautiful. I will let the rest of the photos speak for itself.

“Weirdly Loveable”


“How Much?”

If you would like to purchase your deck and get 10% off, use this link for you coupon code: Show Me Your You: Coupon Code 10% off

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Show Me Your You Cards | El Paso Wedding & Portrait Photographer

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