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April delafuente

Smoke Bomb Session | Upper Valley | El Paso Portrait Photographer

Guys.. I have know Sara since 2012. Her mama used to own The Pink Cottage! I had just graduated from the University of Texas at El Paso and NO ONE wanted to hire me. NO ONE. Her mom gave me a job and I worked there for for almost 2.5 years. I really enjoyed it because I got to talk to each vendor about their items (everything in that store was handmade). I remember Sara being a child and now look at her! She will be attending the University of Texas at Austin.


This picture reminds me of an old time film movie!


We almost rescheduled because of the thunderstorms! It drizzled on us the entire time. Mud galore!! We almost slipped a few times because there was SO MUCH MUD. The mud became so thick on our shoes, it felt like we were carrying weights on our ankles.. and then there were the mosquitoes. IT. WAS. SOOO. BAD. Sara┬áhad at least 15 mosquito bites. Sara was such a trooper though! I am so glad we didn’t reschedule because I LOVE these photos!


I told her, if school didn’t work out for her, she could totally be a model! Isn’t she gorgeous!?


I almost died when I saw this picture!

Portrait, Senior




Smoke Bomb Session | Upper Valley | El Paso Portrait Photographer

  1. pam says:

    stunning stunning STUNNING!

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