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April delafuente

Orlando Ortega | Coronado High School | El Paso Senior Photographer

One day, you’ll be taking your last test, have your last fire drill, and report card. One day, you’ll have your last young and wild Friday night with the people you’ve made a million memories with. One day, you’ll close your locker and walk out those doors one last time. One day, you’ll be standing in line, alphabetically order, wearing a cap and gown with people who watched you grow up. A lot of those people, you’ll never hear or see ever again. One day, you’ll forget about all the people you knew and you’ll barely remember the memories until you find a picture that makes you think of one. One day, you’ll be packing up eighteen years of your life in boxes and hugging your parents goodbye. One day, you won’t be in high school anymore. elpasoweddingportraitphotographer_0029elpasoweddingportraitphotographer_0030

Meet Orlando! He’s graduating from Coronado High School next month! Can you believe that I graduated from the same high school 9 years ago!? I feel so old!elpasoweddingportraitphotographer_0031elpasoweddingportraitphotographer_0032elpasoweddingportraitphotographer_0033elpasoweddingportraitphotographer_0034elpasoweddingportraitphotographer_0035elpasoweddingportraitphotographer_0036

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Orlando Ortega | Coronado High School | El Paso Senior Photographer

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